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Volume Butler v2.4.3 Pro

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Volume Butler v2.4.3 Pro

Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Volume Butler makes volume management simple. In fact after you are setup Volume Butler makes changing your volume a thing of the past.

Volume Butler v2.4.3 Pro

The idea is that you can take a snap shot of all your volumes at one time and put them into a group. These groups are called “Profiles” and these profiles can then be used in numerous ways to make managing volumes effortless.

Some of the many features found in Volume Butler include:

• Schedule sound profiles when you’re at home, work, anywhere!
• Automatically apply a profile when driving
• Apply audio profiles based on your location
• Use Quick Schedules to silence your device for naps or meetings
• Separate Ringer and Notification volumes for devices with merged volumes
• Apply a profile when you charge your phone
• Use Notifications to customize your notification sounds and vibrate pattern
• Customize 4 widgets to your hearts intent
• Make use of 4 types of shortcuts for Profiles and Quick Schedules
• Automate how your phone sounds with Tasker
• Change how your device sounds with as little as one click
• Simplify your life with different volume for the Speakerphone
• Apply profiles right from your notification bar
• DashClock Extension support
• Apply profiles when connecting to a Wi-Fi network
• Volume Lock – Lock your volumes so they do not change
• Apply Profiles from Google Now Voice Commands!
• App Control – Adjust your volumes based on application start and exit events.

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The purpose of Volume Butler is to provide an exceptional way to manage your volumes and audio profiles is how this is accomplished. An audio profile is a group of volume related settings that is saved and can be applied at a later time. Once you have a few profiles you can then automatically have your device apply a profile based on things like location, when you are driving, from your notification bar, and dozens of other ways.

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This application could also be know as a sound manager, audio manager, volume manager, or volume management app, as well as app volume control.


Fixes History sorting order.
Introducing Volume Butler History, a place you can view the events that have occurred recently. Reduces memory usage of the Circles widget by half which should fix some crashes on lower end devices.
Small accessibility improvements to the Profiles Notification. Adds an indicator and differentiates the colors to improve quick recognition of active profile.

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