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Tiny Sharks Idle Clicker MOD APK v2.2.4

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Tiny Sharks Idle Clicker MOD APK v2.2.4

Requirements: 4.0.3 and higher
Overview: Tap Tap to clone baby sharks and become an underwater tycoon by selling sushi! Your pet crab will help you to tame your sharks and keep the production going. Do not stop the production! That's the only key to survival in this underwater world.

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Being a tycoon is everyone's dream! Tiny Shark's Idle Clicker lets you fulfill this dream by making you an underwater tycoon !! All you have to do is TAP TAP TAP!

There is a large selection of sushi that you can sell on the market and become stinking. Keep your sushi kitchen up to date with the latest research. Expand your sushi and earn huge profits. Your baby sharks will help you to become the tycoon of this underwater world.

Spread the luck by selling exotic and delicious sushi to the world! And you can do it even when you're offline. Keep your coolers ready for your money to flow, even when you're absent and offline.

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This super exciting underwater game brings many different colors, underwater sharks, crabs, seahorses and many other exotic underwater creatures of course different types of sushi. So why wait? Set up your sushi kitchen and start production !!

But do not keep your sharks hungry !! Nobody wants to run a shop with angry sharks! So make sure you have enough lures for your sharks. And of course the crayfish also need your love! So keep the baits ready, because a simple rule of this underwater world is that happy crabs and happy sharks keep the business going and make money flow!

Make your baby sharks happy so they can swim fast and make sushi everyone wants. And do not be afraid of the big angry sharks coming towards you! Tap on them to collect rewards and drive them out of your underwater sushi kitchens!

Collect oysters and gems with research and use them to improve your sushi and cuisine. This will help you to move faster and keep your baby sharks busy. There are no limits to how rich you can become in this game. After all, it's a UNDERWATER TYCOON, what Tiny Sharks are about !!

– SUPER DOPE GAMEPLAY Just tap on the screen again. The perfect idle clicker tycoon game without ever getting bored! Perfect incremental clicker game!
-TAP, RESEARCH & UPGRADE Expand your empire, earn money, research and feel rich! Tap! Tap! Typed!
CLICK & CASH Casual & addictive gameplay for aspiring capitalists who like to click and earn money. Drive the competition in this episode of lazy tycoons!
ADD SWAG TO THE ECONOMY OF YOUR COUNTRY It's not all about profit! Can your empire reshape the economy of your country? Take a reputation in other economies and be the ultimate lifeless tycoon.
UNIQUE VISUALS Feed your pets and watch them roam the city. These silly pets will focus on their profits with amazing 3D imagery and fascinating scenery.
BECOME A BONUS BUFFER Many bonuses of any prestige will make you come back time and again to satisfy your customers appetite and earn yourself to become the greatest capitalist of the era.
QUIRK ECONOMY Use this enigmatic economy by clicking on your bizarre empire to earn more and more money
PRESTIGE Use your swag to sell your product for more money by gaining more prestige in this quirky clicker game

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Sit back and enjoy your story in this idiotic clicker game with an amazing and addictive gameplay like one Tycoon and grow and improve your city empire to grab money in this awesome 3D game! A money simulator like no other!

1. Tap to clone – (idle simulator mode when gone!)
2. to gain research
3. Improve your city empire to be the city tycoon story your friends talk about!

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– Bug Fixes

1. All currencies (increase)

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