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Floating Apps (multitasking) v3.8.5 Patched

Floating Apps (multitasking) v3.8.5 Patched – Hello, we will distribute free android application or applications for mobile for free that named Floating Apps (multitasking) v3.8.5 Patched Download, currently we will discuss about the application Floating Apps (multitasking) v3.8.5 Patched which might be useful, we will review the various applications or activities that premium is everything you get totally free just in Mods APK.

At the current time, android-based request so common that it can not be split between applications, activities or and android. To help you get for free android application. For those of you that are curious you may also straight see our review below. You can premium Floating Apps (multitasking) v3.8.5 Patched from below!

Floating Apps (multitasking) v3.8.5 Patched

Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: You can create your own floating apps from home screen widgets or any URLs now!

Floating Apps (multitasking) v3.8.5 Patched
You can create your own floating apps from home screen widgets or any URLs now!
Please do not rate us bad because you miss some floating app. We have to stick with Android limitations and cannot simply create any floating app. For example, Whatsapp is not providing API, so it is very hard with them.
Floating Apps – The largest collection (31) of floating apps available on Google Play and only one allowing you to create your own floating apps from widgets and URLs! Each floating app is a small application that opens in a window and floats over all other applications allowing real multitasking on your android phone or tablet. Just open floating app and experience multitasking like on your Windows or Mac. Move, resize, maximize, minimize and use floating windows and do not leave current application for a small task anymore – it’s exactly what the floating app is here for! It’s like multiviews / multi windows on Samsung phones but for any Android!
Supported languages: EN, CZ, SK, FR, SV, ES, RU, VI, IT, JA, PT(BR), KO, DE, FA
Available floating apps:
• Floating Applications
• Floating Active windows
• Floating Add bookmark
• Floating Bookmarks
• Floating Browser
• Floating Calculator
• Floating Dialer
• Floating Flashlight
• Floating Launcher
• Floating Search Google
• Floating Search Wikipedia
• Floating Stopwatch
• Floating System information
• Floating Video player
• Floating Add contact
• Floating Add note
• Floating Contact list
• Floating Countdown
• Floating Facebook
• Floating File browser
• Floating Google plus
• Floating Image viewer
• Floating Music player
• Floating Notes
• Floating PDF viewer
• Floating Task Killer
• Floating Translate
• Floating Twitter
• Floating Vimeo
• Floating Wifi manager
• Floating Youtube
• Or create your own floating apps from home screen widgets or URLs!
…and more to come soon… visit for details…
Please, visit for help and answers:
• How do I open floating app when I need it?
• How can I move the window of floating app?
• How can I resize the window of floating app?
• How can I minimize floating window?
• How much battery is Floating Apps eating?
• and other topics…
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What are supported phones?
Works on Android 2.3+. Works on phones as well as on tablets and phablets! On phones with larger displays and on tablets, it is absolutely amazing experience. Works on non-rooted phones!

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– Backup / Synchronize feature!
– New storage system for notes, playlists, bookmarks and paints.
– Configurable back button actions.
– Improved window and dialog system.
– Improved permission management.
– Improved My Apps.
– And tens of other improvements (60+ changes)!

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